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Hijacking this blog

today we did Charles Bukowski and Greg Kinnear side by side with a crash course about computers and a video about four words you should use a lot-


Oh, yeah, and Sylvia Plath

As the neglected clothes spin in the dryer-Virginia Woolf.  A room of one’s own seems to be a device of one’s own.  Which for me is this blog, these blogs, on this middle-aged iPhone 

My room is a phone.  Which I am hijacking for….

Made up story/not based on real peeps/all rights reserved

So here we go….


Reading Lesson

I used to worry that

when the cord between us was summarily cut

In a modern iteration of

Alexander and the

Gordian knot

Cut, not patiently unraveled 

..I thought I might have

caused the lapses in the way

You saw symbols strung together

But now I know you will be fine.

Oh careful child

Your wisdom shimmers

As you skip, rocks among them 

Trace their names

Call them back to me

Quiz me on their possible representation

You gain clarity, strength, and speed

As the once familiar forms

Begin to blur and repeat on me

I will rely on you to

Trace the shape of light

As I begin to ponder

Reading through the 


They’re there with their…

there, there, darling

Do not fear

They’re there with their…

double-horned narwhal,

their broody crocodile

there on the horizon

They’re there with their

Dreamy singing

Autumn is just

another name for fall…

We’re here with her here

Where she was 

we will be

where you always alway were

Flowers in your hair 

you’re my darling, darling dear

Not to be confused with deer

Who unsurprisingly prefer

Plains to plane

Hares to hair


in the arbitrary land of orthographic siren songs,

quietly alarming.

The Essential thank-you note

key phrases-

Thank you….I am so grateful 

Thank you vety much

Thoughtful…generous…kind… Considerate

Thank for the present you gave me

That thing you did for me was amazing

If the gift is money, assure the giver you will spend it wisely


Dear Uncle Sully,

(Sp) Thank you so much for the motorcycle.  I will try to drive it with care.  Thank you for the present.  I love the matching biker gear.

I start motorcycle school on Tuesday.

It goes perfectly with my side car.

Hugs to Aunt Tottie and your Norwegian friend.
Love, sincerely, best wishes,

Your name

Minecraft Pat and Jen vs. JFM

I have some family members who are addicted to Minecraft.  They play it, they watch it, they live it.

They have learned a lot from Minecraft, game and videos, most of it good.


I had the pull the plug on Pat and Jen for awhile.

I was listening in on a video that had inappropriate sexual references.

I looked for an email to contact them with this message:

You have very young fans.  Those fans definitely ramp up your views.  And you do have an opportunity to educate–one way or the other.

Please let me know if you decide to make your uploads kid friendly and we will return to you both.

Until then, I am grateful for the good times, you two.

And as for JFM, Capt. Sparklez, and all the amazing Minecrafters–thank you for keeping it kid-friendly.  Your fans are both fierce and cute.

Call you, Eli

There are beautiful obsidian

movies in my head- room…fish-tank-quiet nursery

Hold you in my arms until 

the blood returns to your skin

Will always

bury my face in your hair 

Anchorite fragile

Good Calvin, baby Augustine,

speak this litany of tomorrows and todays, 

Pain and hope constrain me from asking 

why 34 kisses?

(And we will do the rest tomorrow)

I will always pray

Save us from nightmares

make us all

whole again…

Whole again

Breathe, deep child

Dance you unwilling protagonist of

All those amazing Goldilocks stories

Every golden-haired girl needs a hero-boy like you

Time flies like an arrow…

…do you smell popcorn?

All our imaginary 

worlds come to life.

SAT Essay, Part Two

The framers of the SAT essay have given you some valuable guidelines in the formation of your essay:

The words in boxes.

Prior to reading the essay you will be given a set of instructions to direct your reading of the text.  Something like:

As you read x look for how x uses:

Evidence to support 

Reasoning to develop

Style or persuasive language to add power

The words in the box should be more thorough-going than mine.  I am interested in giving you the simplest possible frame for:

  • What you need to see in your reading
  • How you will be judged as a writer

Underline shamelessly.  Look for structure in your own essay plan.

And then the second box will say something like–

Write an essay about how x uses (the first box of stuff) to persuade about x.

Focus, and don’t muddy things with your own opinion on the topic.

Disclaimer:  This post for private record only. Not for public use or advice of any kind.