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SAT Vocab Push-ups

July 20, 2016

We are spending our summer in in something of a didactic boot camp in order to prepare our older enrollees for the rigors of the new SAT.

To be candid, I would insinuate that the rhetorical and conjectural skills which a lucid student or test-taker must exhibit, the written loquacity, verbal and mathematical extrapolation, are specified, even rarified skills which might not extend to “the real world.”


While I am an effusive fan of English vocabulary in general, I admit that my own experience with formalized test-taking vocabulary arose sui generis from copious amounts of reading.

Most of my encounters with “sat words” were  contextualized by their appearance in real books.  Books that often truly mattered to me.

This present exercise has been rendered slightly more incoherent by a single student who failed to refer to someone’s gonads by an appropriately literary euphemism.

You might extrapolate that the whole exercise is a bit of academic navel gazing.

Too bad it is not “naval” gazing.  Right about now, a boat on the horizon would be a welcome change.


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