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An Uncivil War, Maybe?

May 14, 2016

There was a moment of stillness at the beginning–a lovely young woman drinking coffee at an outdoor cafe in the bustling center of Lagos, Nigeria.

And in that lovely moment of stillness I had hope.  Hope that the next two-plus hours of cinematic ballistics might have a civil center, a civilized internal clock.

Not so much.

Captain America, Civil War does not disappoint if you are a boy-man between the ages of 2 and oh, 40?  I know this because the modest late night audience we watched it with was primarily male, and overwhelmingly, interactively fans.

In fact, fans are essential to the success of films like this.  If you love these characters then you love them whether or not their thoughts and subsequent actions make much sense.

And I think I stayed with that logic through most of the movie until a climax that seemed to have been deliberately eviscerated of internal logic.

Without reference to specific plot points my gripe boils down to this–do we really believe our most “enhanced” heroes can lose their self-control so thoroughly?  That they are really just very strong toddlers prone to enhanced acts of violence because they can?

Well…when you put it that way…

This movie operates entirely on near complete suspension of disbelief when it could have been more if it had aimed for just a little heroic thoughtfulness.

But then when you say it out loud, heroic thoughtfulness starts to sound like a bedraggled oxymoron, when it shouldn’t.  

If our heroes lose their tempers so quickly and to such senseless, chaotic results, should we delight in them or…

assess when they stopped being heroes at all and receded back to their genesis as shiny, two-dimensional cartoons?


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