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And then

March 10, 2016

I still have artifacts from my older children’s years in public school.  Sometimes I am chastened by their progress along straight and even lines, other time I am amused by how those lines encouraged conformity at the expense of common sense and creativity.

Now we binge watch Jane Austen movies in a disheveled house and fret about whether our unschooled lifestyle is at the neglect of straight and even lines.

I have especially fretted over the younger boys who treat orthodox orthography lessons like a very bitter pill.

Until the advent of their boutique work as self-published auteurs, that is.

Now we crank out adventure stories with dashing titles and lots of action.  We work on narrative and castle construction at the same time.

There is a phrase that is key with our little writing group-and then.

And then is big.  It is immediate, it is incisive.  It tells us all that we are going on this adventure together and somewhere and it will be exciting and turn the page!

And then.  At middle age the and thens of life can fill me with sadness and fear as well as exhilaration.

I have these precious people for what seems like a moment in time.

A dazzling, amazing moment filled with Knightleys and Darcys, castles and King Zombies around the next corner.

And then they will be grown and I will miss them so much as they write their own stories, build their own castles, and then…


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