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The Wakeboarding Conundrum 

October 18, 2015

First, full disclosure:  

I am addicted to this and so my advice is immediately untrustworthy.

And while I might seem to be pushing  the rest of your family to ride, I kinda want you to ride as well.  Wings or no wings, we were  all born to fly.

I feel a little guilty dragging people into this sport without the proper injunctions.

Mouth guards are crucial.  I love the kind that strap onto helmets.  Young guns do not like them but teeth are expensive and valuable and they reduce concussion risk.

Helmets and life vests can be basic or flashy, either way, they help minimize injury.

While boards and bindings matter.  The new adddition 20-whatevers are overpriced and previous years often have gems at a fraction of the cost on board board sites like evo.

Close-toed bindings rock, but open-toed are useable, especially if they are tight.  Regular or neoprene socks can make a difference.

Often the hot new boards are not terribly reliable.  Ask questions.  Demo different boards. Google everything.  Reviews can often give you information on boat vs cable boards.  

We started with a rag-tag bunch of Jurassic set ups that were mostly from Craigslist.  Not pretty, but they got us started.

And fall is a good time to shop.  It is off-season and the new boards suddenly make the old ones more affordable.

Cable parks often have “premium” slider boards that are not flashy but solid and durable.  They will either be a good value or a good example–a wakeboard that can take a rider from the first ride to the first competition.

And beyond😊.


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