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Weight Training Basics

January 23, 2014

The ancients told a story about Hercules (and Milo of Croton) lifting a calf over his head daily in order to build his strength over time as the calf grew into a bull.

I am no Hercules, but I do recognize the benefits of regular weight training.

And don’t worry, no cattle required!

As with any new exercise regime, you should consult your doctor before beginning.

And once your doctor gives you the thumbs up, here are some basic rules:

Wear comfortable clothes and supportive closed-toe shoes.


Don’t over do it. Weight training should not hurt or strain your muscles.

Start at a low weight and work up gradually.

It is also ok to simply increase repetitions on a low weight and not increase the weight at all.

Aim for a weight level that you can repeat at least eight times per set. Work from eight per set to 15-20, then consider a slight weight increase.

If you cannot do 8 per set reduce the weight being lifted.

Do 2-5 sets of each weight set, resting a few minutes between each set.

If it helps, keep a chart of your weights and sets on each machine/exercise.

Never lift weights on an exercise ball.

Some free weight and dead lift routines require a spotter or partner for safety. Never perform these exercises without another person to assist you for safety.

Vary your routine among isolate and combination exercises and aerobic exercise.

Call or see your doctor if you experience any physical distress while exercising.

A balanced diet and protein will help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime.

Maintain your posture and consistent movement as you strength train. Do not slam your weights and protect your muscles from injury.

Disclaimer: this is a written curriculum supplement only and does not replace an in-facility introduction. For private use only.


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