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The 1st Amendment?

January 7, 2014

The young man is tall, handsome, and outspoken. He paces around the popular bath soap store reading the names on bottles and then exclaiming things like,

This is ridiculous! They are just adding words!

Of course, he is right, but not very diplomatic. He is also my son. I toy with the idea of shushing him but do not.

I know it is ridiculous, and overpriced.

Right or not I am willing to let him be heard. Especially since his open criticism hardly deters me from buying stuff there.

I guess I figure I am paying for his right to free speech.

I am not so much drawn in by the verbose titles and splashy names, I am drawn to the need for extravagant gestures–

The frankincense, the myrrh, the alabaster jar. A Life poured out for us.

Extravagant love.


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