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My rock climber

April 22, 2013

One of my preschoolers loves to go rock climbing. He pesters us to go. He Gerry-rigs belays off his bunk bed with jump ropes and carabiners.

So we go rock climbing.

Even though there is stuff we need to get done.. We go because it is hard to say no to such passion.

He had a great time. His siblings mostly enjoyed themselves. One young fella was tired and frustrated and I got to do an outside time with him as he wailed. Then he perked up and enjoyed the mattresses on the gym floor.

But here is the thing: we got a vibe. Statistically our business was a recognizable fraction of the aggregate financial windfall of the rock gym, but we got a vibe.

The vibe said:

why are you here? You have too many children. Control your child.

We have had communist tea room issues with this rock gym before. We know who we are dealing with.

But the boy wants to climb. The boy loves to climb.

I wish single and childless adults could see my children the way I do–young, passionate human beings practicing their skills in a world…

Grown increasingly hostile to children.


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