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Nursing and contact parenting

October 11, 2012

My life has been changed by my smartphone. Add great apps from Facebook and WordPress and others and I get a lot more done… While I nurse.

I believe in contact parenting babies, which just means that the more physical/visual/emotive/nurturing a child gets as a baby, the better.

Bottle fed babies need nurture parenting as much as nursing babies. It is just that breastfeeding forces me to slow down. I would love to exercise more, cook more, clean more, but often I have to let these things go and hold my baby and let him sleep in my arms. If I try to let him sleep or nap alone he often senses I am gone and wakes up–quite unhappy.

It can feel like a loss of freedom but I know he is worth it.

And they don’t stay little forever…


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  1. My smartphone and my Kindle got my through many hours of non-stop nursing. 🙂

  2. I wish there was a LOVED button. I loved the post! I don’t have a smartphone but I know what you mean…slow down and enjoy that baby! Nursing forces you to do that!

    • Thanks:-)
      In a world where time and entertainment are “precious” commodities it is a blessing to affirm the eternal (often small) treasure of love!

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