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When Mom swears like a sailor…

September 10, 2012

I had a meltdown Friday. We were packing for a weekend camping trip after 2 weeks of some viral bug in two little people who become more demanding when sick. No freedom for mommy. We were starting to fall behind. I lost it.

I am not proud of the fact that 99.5% of my problem with bad words emerged after I became a parent.

As a linguist, writer, and Christian I am aware that few words are magical or lethal sui generis. No, words are holy out of kindness or love and they are lethal when mixed with hate or deception. So how do I describe what happens when I lose my grasp on the peace because I am afraid children I love deeply are falling behind in Latin and logic?

I used a couple words I regret and yet more than that I regret the paucity of time. We need more time. There is a rich universe of things to learn and we
are derailed by Arthur.

Oh, and I love Arthur.

I apologized but in my mind I will always be the pirate mother–eye patch and pirate duds and all.

But my children had a rich and interesting weekend hanging out with new friends.

And there are no words for how good that feels.


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