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In vitro memories

August 30, 2012

E rides the bike he named after his favorite zoologist. He asks first why the sun and moon are following him? again, don’t they have a life?!

I know I should say parallax and explain what that means, but I can’t help veering toward the poetic. He says, but they couldn’t see me in your tummy!!. Aha! Take that, overbearing celestial bodies!

He then proceeds to describe how it was dark in there-scary, cramped and dull. But as this picture of life in the womb is still boring he adds depth and flavor.

He says he remembers rocks! And trees! And that house over there! Things currently in his line of vision.

Suddenly the things a kid can experience in the womb seem as limitless as the streaks of a jet spreading across the open sky and to the mind of my vivid child.


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